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Clothing Guide

We want to make you look your confident best in your portraits and clothing choice is a huge part of that process.

Use this guide to flatter or slim your body, and also bring the focus to the faces and eyes.

Wear solid colors only. Please, no stripes, prints or plaids!

Long sleeves if possible, but short is better than sleeveless. Your arms will always look better in something with sleeves (unless you are a fitness model under 30!).

Necklines can make a difference, so choose a shape that flatters your face. If you have a round face, choose a V-neck or narrow oval neckline to visually lengthen. If you have a long face, choosing a wider or higher neckline will balance nicely. Oval faces look good with most necklines; but uncluttered, if possible, since we want to focus on your face and eyes, not the clothing!

When choosing clothing for your family’s portrait, it’s a good idea to coordinate clothing for harmony instead of letting each person pick their “favorite outfit”. Make sure everyone looks as though they are attending the same event. Solid colors are always best, especially when photos are taken outdoor with busy backgrounds. But always avoid busy prints, stripes and plaids. The look is harmony with variety when you mix and match the tops and bottoms with 2-3 colors at the most. With large family groups, you can even choose a separate color for each family unit to visually show the connections.

One of the best ways to select a theme is to consider where you will be hanging your portrait and choose colors that complement the décor in that room. This can also be a great way to choose a location that lends itself to a pictorial art image that is not only artistic, but has your loved ones in it as well!