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Wedding Pricing

Our pricing is simple and straight-forward.

Who we are and what we do!

  • Our style of photography - We capture every moment possible. We offer traditional, artistic, photo journalistic, night, and details images. To read more about our style, please click here.

  • Our studio - One of the largest studios in California over 6,000sq ft. We have a full-time studio manger and full-time Creative Designer to help answer questions and provide retouching to your photos.

  • Post Production – We have full time post production specialists who color correct and edit the images you order for portraits or for your album to ensure that your images are consistently of the highest quality and that they are completed and delivered in a timely fashion after you place your orders.

  • Customized Albums – Unlike most studios, you are able to select the images you would like to appear in your album. Retouching is also provided by our professional team of artists. To find out more please click here

  • Equipment – We provide all of our OWN equipment. We use top of the line equipment! We don't just have camera's and lenses, but instead we carry lighting equipment that is necessary to enhance every scene and cover every lighting situation.

  • Backups – As our photographers are documenting your wedding day, the camera is saving your images on two independent memory cards just in case one card fails. We also backup all of our images in multiple locations and formats so you can rest assured that your images are safe and can be accessed anytime by the studio. Our images are also backed up on off site locations including on the cloud.

  • Second Shooters – Our second shooters are well experienced photographers and are trained by Joey Ikemoto. Most of our shooters have been with us for multiple years.
  • Packages can be customized to fit your specific needs.

The studio photographs an average of 100 events per year which means our photographers are some of the most experienced photographers around!

Based on all of these benefits - Our Wedding Photography packages range between $1000-$5000 depending on your needs.

For pricing details, please contact us through our contact page (click here) or call us at 310-212-7366